Dump Refill (50 bio Bags)

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Dump Refill (50 bio Bags)

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Onya Bag uses Bio Bags to complement our Dump It Onya Range

100% compostable bags for collecting dog waste.

These starch based Compostable dog poop bags are supplied on packs of 50 bags.

Each pack of 50 measures only 12cm x 20cm and can also be easily folded.

Dog waste bags made from compostable corn starch, more eco friendly than plastic ones as they will biodegrade.

Bio-Bags are as natural as dog waste itself! Always Handy Always Onya !

Keep Comp Bio Bags Onya, as an Intelligent Alternative to plastic Dog mess bags

The Bags can be digested safely by animals, reducing the risk of accidental death from animals eating plastic waste.

Can be stored for up to 2 years (degradable plastic bags last for only 6 months). The decomposition process is activated by use.

It seems strange that conscientious dog owners 'pick up their dog poop... (which is 100% biodegradable) ...only to pop it' into a plastic bag that will be with us for 100's of years! So we have developed a system for fully biodegradable, 100% Compostable Doggy Doings Bags that you keep Onya!


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