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Now that reusable bags have become ordinary fare at the checkout, the people who brought you Onya Bags have noted that behaviour change is easy if the appropriate tools are made available.

Here at reusablebottle.co.uk we are providing all the things you need to put a stop to bottled water which is expensive for pocket and environment, and start drinking water from your tap. All our bottles are BPA free.

We feel we have researched the market and found a great range of reusable bottles to arm you against the over-priced and over-polluting bottled water on the shelves.  

Humans are amazingly adaptable and can pick up habits very quickly – this is a good one to choose!

We've picked it up already and it tastes great in our mouths, minds and in our wallets…

Onya Bags UK and reusablebottle.co.uk HQ is based in Suffolk, where Dan Brousson lives with his family. HQ is supplied by Good Energy which is 100% renewable electricity – created from wind, water and sunlight. All of us at Onya Bags UK work from our own home offices – so no smoggy commuting for us except by foot from one room to another. We try to operate a paperless office system but any paper we do use is 100% recycled unbleached and we always re-use it if we can. All commissioned printing is done on 100% recycled paper and using vegetable inks.

We use Royal Mail for all our mail order deliveries because it is an existing delivery network. We’d rather not use a duplicating delivery system, so that we can keep our carbon footprint smaller.

Have a look around our site and hopefully there will be something for you.

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If not please let us know and we can look to source it for you and others.



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